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24 Days With Martin & the Critters!

Many many youtubers combine video blogging and Christmas into a challenge called Vlogmas.
This means uploading a new video from December 1st until December 24th.
For us, it means a morning livestream at 9am utah time (and they will be archived for view anytime).
So that’s the rough plan…check in with everyone every morning from December 1st through December 24th maybe for a half hour or so, maybe less, maybe more.
We’ve got some ideas of critters, people and things to include throughout vlogmas, but would like your help for more.
The calendar below shows some stuff already penciled in:

We have a list of other ideas as well, but they will depend on weather, so not sure which day:

  • Many video snippets from the last seven years
  • A couple visits to the new Rescue Center Building
  • A visit with Findlay Subaru
  • A visit with the City of Enoch
  • Visit the Parowan Gap
  • Visit with our volunteers
  • Introducing a new mystery guest
  • A chat with Casey our channel musician

And in the spirit of advent calendars often included in vlogmas, we’ve made one for Martin. Each day we’ll reveal to him a note, question or topic from behind each of the numbers on the board below:

If you have any ideas, please send them to the webgeek at [email protected].
We’d also like to include any video messages, photos or questions you’d like to send, especially for Martin and Susan’s Birthdays.

Livestream Meeting Announcement

Livestream link

Hi everyone, webgeek here to announce our next Livestream Meeting.

Please join us on Tuesday, November 14th at 6pm.

Martin would like to share all the latest news and updates with everyone about the critters, the foundation, the new rescue center and everything else going on these days.

This meeting will be focused on updates and operations but Helen the Peregrine Falcon will likely be with us as well, so a chance to catch up with her as well.

If you can’t make it, this Livestream Meeting will be archived and available to view anytime afterwards.

As always, you are welcome to share your comments, questions and ideas beforehand.

You are welcome to send a note to us at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest and support.

Striker the Peregrine Falcon Part 3

A Peregrine Falcon grows up. Life around the house and early falconry training in preparation for first flight.

Tending to Eagles…

Eagles come and eagles go…

First Month With Striker the Peregrine Falcon

Hanging out with Striker the Peregrine Falcon as he grows super fast!

All Kinds of Little Critters!

Care and release of all kinds of little critters!

Peregrine, Bald Eagle and Snake

A Peregrine Falcon release, a stop to watch Bald Eagles and a little snake assist.

Striker! Our New Peregrine Falcon Part 1

Welcome to our newest Wildlife Ambassador, Striker, a Peregrine Falcon. Plenty more about him to come!

00:00 – 01:53 Introduction
01:53 – 02:13 Martin Intro
02:13 – 21:36 June 5: At the nest site of STRIKER!
21:36 – 31:12 June 12: The climb up to the nest
31:12 – 36:12 Preparing for the rappel
36:12 – 40:37 Josh searches out STRIKER!
40:37 – 43:54 Welcome STRIKER!
43:54 – 45:35 Back down the mountain
45:35 – 1:14:00 Talking with Martin & STRIKER!

Not Ready for Primetime

An assortment of video of bits and pieces and a little bit about a new member of the family…

Rescue Center is Now Under Construction

Dear Friends and Followers of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation – Enoch Wildlife Rescue,

The day has finally come. The new wildlife rescue center is now under construction. The permitting process has been completed. The groundwork is completed, the concrete has been poured for the footings and we’re getting ready to erect the 40 x 100-foot eagle flight chamber building.

Once the eagle flight chamber is standing, we will start construction of our wildlife care clinic and reception area and the 15 additional smaller chambers for hawks, owls and falcons. I’ve been waiting for this day for more than 50 years.

All of our hard work and the kind and generous donations from all of you my friends, is making this project possible. I don’t believe its possible to put into words how grateful I am to each and every one of you. For anyone planning a trip in our direction I hope that you will stop by so that I may thank you in person.

The projected date for the completion of the project is early January. As we get closer to the rescue center being operational, we will let you know about our plans for a grand opening. Until then we will do our best to keep you updated on our progress.

With tremendous appreciation.

Martin & Susan Tyner

The Falcon That Could Not Soar

The story of Kate the Peregrine Falcon.
00:00 Intro
55:10 Day #1 Kate Arrives
10:49 Day #3 Time With Kate
28:53 Day #4 Kate’s Web Meeting
36:00 Day #13 About Her Name
39:55 Day #26 Officially Adopted
46:30 Day #29 Kate Weighed
49:50 Day #37 Early Training
54:30 Day #100 Kate Issues
58:00 Day #189 Field Training
1:09:00 Day #192 Parowan Creance
1:14:00 Day #193 Parowan Creance
1:17:00 Day #199 First Free Flight
1:27:00 Day #201 Flights Continue
1:39:00 Day #203 From Perch to Lure
1:45:00 Day #206 Short Flights Build Strength
1:54:00 Day #228 Kate’s First Snow
2:01:00 Day #241 T-Perch Flights
2:04:00 Day #269 Kite Flights
2:08:00 Day #289 Flight Limits
2:22:00 Epilogue

Share the Love at Red Cliffs Bird Fest

Martin is providing a birds of prey program for the Red Cliffs Bird Festival on Saturday, April 29th at 6:30 pm

This event will be located at the Hilton Gardens behind the Convention Center, 1453 Sunland Drive, St. George, UT and is free to the public.

Our host: Red Cliffs Audubon has welcomed St. George Findlay Subaru to attend and present Enoch Wildlife Rescue with their 10th annual Subaru of America’s “Share the Love” donation check at this program. They have donated over $80,000 to Enoch Wildlife Rescue in the past 9 years which has helped us tremendously with our wildlife rescue and educational outreach programs.

17 Years With Scout the Golden Eagle

Livestream April 13

You are welcome to send questions in advance to [email protected]
Learn more about Scout the Golden Eagle here!

Happy Spring

April has quickly become quite eventful…

Owl Talk With Martin Tyner

Martin talks about two current owl rescues: a Screech Owl and a Saw-Whet Owl.

Little Critters getting a little help

Look UP! Bird Spotting with Martin

Checking in with a few birds around the area and around the house!

Holiday Chat

Monday December 26th at 10am Utah Time

Holiday Chat and Q & A with Martin, Scout, Belle and Helen!

You are welcome to send questions in advance to
[email protected]

#iPrize Critters!

#iPrize Critters! Enoch Wildlife Rescue prizes all local native wildlife! With the support and donations of people from all over the globe, we do our best to help local critters and share education about wildlife through local presentations and videos online.

Our founder, Martin Tyner is one of 51 global leaders in the field of animal conservation join the ranks of Indianapolis Prize Nominees, devoting their lives to making significant strides to save species through scientific and educational work.​ These men and women have changed the future for some of the most threatened species from across the globe.

#iprize #indyprize2023 #indyprize #indianapolisprize
@indianapoliszoo @IndianapolisPrize

A Hungry Baby Hawk Out in the Rain

Susan and Martin are called to check on a small young hawk seen by the side of the road.

Subaru Share the Love 2022!

For every new vehicle purchased or leased, Subaru and its retailers will donate a minimum of $300 to charity.

Findlay Subaru will also donate an additional $75 to Enoch Wildlife Rescue!

Findlay Subaru St. George
Subaru of America, Inc.

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