How can you not love a face like that?

Turkey Vulture Release

November 2021: Susan and Martin release a Turkey Vulture back to the wild. This vulture had soft tissue damage to a wing. Flew off fine! We hope he’s doing great back in the wild!

Red Tail Hawk Shows Off After Released Back to the Wild

Susan and Martin released a Red Tail Hawk back the wild. The hawk had feet injuries caused by squirrels.

Raising a Baby Turkey Vulture

Raising a Baby Turkey Vulture
A New Experience for Martin

🔺Healer of Angels 🔺
Signed copy only from our site:

🔺 Little John Crow 🔺
By Ziggy and Orly Marley

00:00 – 07:27 June 25: Intro and First Feeding
07:27 – 13:55 Susan Meets the Baby Vulture during later feeding
13:55 – 16:18 June 27: Check in and feeding
16:18 – 16:52 July 5: Another Food Drop
16:52 – 18:00 July 22: Check in and Food Drop
18:00 – 21:00 July 24: Eating Good and Growing Big
21:00 – 22:30 August 1: Food Drop and Quick Peek
22:30 – 28:20 August 11: Interesting Feeding Behaviour
28:20 – 30:13 August 26: About a month from release
33:05 – 38:30 October 3: Release Day!
38:30 – 42:22 Driving to release location
42:22 – 44:27 Release of Turkey Vulture
44:27 – 48:36 Review of his time with us

Baby Chipmunk Raised and Released Back to the Wild!

A surprise very late season baby Chipmunk arrived to keep Susan and Martin up feeding babies at all hours even longer.

Living With Raptors

Martin’s morning routine with our Wildlife Ambassadors.

Golden Eagle Goes Home!

After a short stay, a big healthy adult Golden Eagle was released back to the sky!

Four Cottontail Rabbits Released to the Wild!

Four more Cottontails released back to the wild!

00:00 – 13:00 Feeding and Discussion
14:00 – 20:00 Another Feeding
20:00 – 21:30 Another Cottontail arrives
21:30 – 28:00 Release #1
28:00 – 31:00 Release #2

Wet, Cold, Near Drowned Hawk

An otherwise healthy adult Red Tail Hawk made a mistake. The hawk somehow got caught in a water trough. If not for the help of a rancher, it is likely the hawk would have drown or died from cold.
00:00 – 01:39 On route to rescue hawk
01:30 – 02:35 Picking up Hawk
02:35 – 06:24 Heading home with Hawk
06:24 – 26:14 Drying the Hawk
26:14 – 28:00 Checking on the Hawk in the basement
28:00 – 29:56 Taking Hawk out to Chamber
29:56 – 32:00 Discussion about the Hawk
32:00 – 37:32 Release day, getting Hawk from chamber
37:49 – 42:08 Release of the Hawk back to the wild

Belle Season 4, Martin Season 54

Preparing for the new falconery season with Belle the Harris Hawk!

Enoch’s Eagle | Golden Eagle Released Back to the Wild

Our first Enoch Eagle Release!

Big Changes in 2021 | Update on our Wildlife Rescue

A quick update on changes in 2021!

Kestrel Falcon Babies | Grow and Go!

Young Kestrel Falcons stopped by for awhile…

Roadtrip: Wildlife Presentation in Big Bear

Susan, Martin, Scout the Golden Eagle, Belle the Harris Hawk and Helen the Peregrine Falcon all packed into the Subaru for a roadtrip to Big Bear California.

All Kinds of Little Birds!

00:00 April 28, 2021: Little Hawk Release
04:03 June 25, 2021: Hummingbird Release but not really…
05:50 June 5, 2021: Bye Bye House Finches
07:02 June 11, 2021: Mourning Dove
08:48 June 20, 2021: Checking in on Robins
10:13 June 20, 2021: Checking in on Hummingbirds
11:29 June 20, 2021: Hungry new baby arrival
12:07 June 20, 2021: Checking in on Swallows
14:57 June 27, 2021: Hummingbird Update
16:02 June 27, 2021: Checking in on Robins
16:58 June 27, 2021: Hummingbird Update
17:37 June 30, 2021: New baby Hummingbirds
18:28 July 4, 2021: Hummingbird Update
18:58 July 8, 2021: Bobbing for Crickets
20:58 July 20, 2021: Hummingbird Release
21:54 July 21, 2021: Little Dove
23:51 July 24 2021: Feeding Babies
24:55 July 24, 2021: Little Dove update
25:35 July 24 2021: Kingbird and Barn Swallow
27:23 July 24, 2021: Little Dove Update
29:23 August 7, 2021: Sparrow rele…oh he’s gone…
29:45 July 21, 2021: Hawk stopping by to eat a pigeon

Updates: Enoch Property | Martin’s Eyeballs | Unboxing

00:00 Martin checking on nest at undisclosed location
00:49 At the Enoch Property signing a build check
02:58 Checking on Enoch Property after storms
06:42 After surgery on Eyeball Number Two
07:15 Unboxing Gifts

Golden Eagle Victim of the Heat and the Drought

On July 11th, the first Golden Eagle of the year arrived to the rescue center. Before the torrential rains down on Enoch lately, this young eagle suffered greatly from the added challenge of the extended drought in Utah. He’s doing well now, and we hope to release him in late August when things begin to cool down.

The release will be in our new home of Enoch, Utah.

Name Dropping!

New Flight Chamber

We Need a Name!

We’d like to ask for your suggestions regarding the naming of our new property in Enoch.

So far, we are leaning towards including the name “Enoch” in the title, but we’re still taking ideas and mulling over all the options.

If you’ve got a name suggestion please send us a note at [email protected]


Name Suggestions So Far

  1. Sue B: Name after Martin’s Grandfather
  2. Maria C: Tyner Raptor Sanctuary
  3. Christine P: Doing Good Today for Critters
  4. LadyFigment: Healer of Angels
  5. Fran T: Dedicated to Grandparents Waters-Tyner Center
  6. Nejat A: Angels Healing Center
  7. darkgerry92: The Healing Nest
  8. tschouten1: Healing Waters Wildlife Center
  9. Helene L: Martin Tyner Facility
  10. AE: Named after Martin, Susan, Scout
  11. dg: Tyner Raptor Facility
  12. Dorothybell11: Enoch’s Ark
  13. Kathy H: Martin & Susan Tyner’s Healing Nest
  14. samtheman: Martin & Susan Tyner Rehabilitation Center
  15. Maria D’Ange: The Tyner Wildlife Rescue Center *
  16. Ellen: Chambers for Healing
  17. Jasna: Feather of hope
  18. Jasna: Wings of freedom
  19. Jasna: Nest is the best
  20. Jasna: Fly and SMILE
  21. Jasna: Nest for rest
  22. Jasna: KINDnest
  23. Jasna: Fly for me
  24. Jasna: OneNest or OnenessT
  25. Jasna: Lean on me
  26. Jasna: Eagle’s wings
  27. Robert D: Healing Wings Enoch Bird Rescue
  28. Kathy R: Martin and Susan Tyners Raptor Rehab And Rescue Center
  29. Wally T: Wings of hope
  30. nekonip: Southwest wildlife rehabilitation habitat
  31. sofia l: Tyner’s Healing Nest
  32. carson g: Raptor sanctuary
  33. Penney b: Enoch City Raptor Rescue Center.
  34. Janet D: Scout’s haven
  35. Palmyre Z: Angel Wings
  36. Buttercup: The Tyner Healing Nest
  37. DF: Tyner’s Raptor R&R
  38. voidremoved: Rehab is for Critters
  39. Mira M: Healing Wings Wild Life Center
  40. GrandmaChelle: Doing Good Today
  41. GrandmaChelle: Healer of Angels
  42. Susan P: Raptor (or Wildlife) Haven of Enoch
  43. JC: Valkyrie Wildlife Center
  44. Al B: The Martin and Susan Tyner Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
  45. Lorette G: Rest And Recovery Sanctuary
  46. Mac: Underwing Raptor Rescue
  47. Nannette: The Healing Perch
  48. Nannette: Comeback Critters
  49. Nannette: Rebound Roost
  50. Marie K: Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Enoch
  51. Paul L: Named after Bud
  52. Jennifer P: Eagle Eye Point Rescue Center for Southwestern Wildlife of Utah
  53. Juanita L: Cody’s House
  54. spalmer: S.C.O.U.T
  55. yhazel: Wildlife Rescue Center for hawks and eagles
  56. ngraham: Southwest Wildlife Raptor Rescue Center
  57. cary_r: Raptor 1
  58. Linda L: Enoch Center for Healing Angels
  59. Susan W: Tyner Wildlife Sanctuary for Recovery
  60. Tracy Z: Sky Bound Rescue of Enoch
  61. Sandra G: Eagles Landing Wildlife Foundation and Rehabilitation of Enoch
  62. Annie S: Enoch Raptor Rescue and Rehab
  63. Ellen: Martin and Susan’s Chamber’s for Healing wildlife foundation
  64. Barbara L: Kitty hawk center
  65. Cookin: Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Center
  66. Cookin: Wildlife Rescue Center of Enoch
  67. Gerald: Animals from God A healing Touch.
  68. Penny P: Whole healing centre for all critters.
  69. Doc: Wild Wings Raptor R&R ( rescue & rehab)
  70. Dory: The bird house
  71. Ashley: Critter’s First
  72. Phoebe: Tyner’s Raptors & Wildlife Center
  73. SG: Tyner Raptor Rescue Centre
  74. BaltimoreActual: “Birds of a feather” – Raptor Rescue Center
  75. Erica H: The Martin and Susan Tyner Wildlife Raptor
    Rehabilitation Center of Enoch

* vote noted

Morning Critter Feeding

00:00 Intro and Critter Food Preparation
08:00 Feeding a baby Turkey Vulture
10:00 Feeding young Cooper’s Hawk
14:00 Feeding Kestrel Falcons
25:00 Feeding juvenile Golden Eagle
32:00 Feeding White Belly Bald Eagle

From July 18th, 2021: Martin’s morning feeding with all the critters currently in our rescue center.
More on many of these animals coming soon!
Please join us for a livestream on Saturday, July 24th at 11am Utah time.
Livestream Link
You are welcome to send questions in advance to [email protected]

Caring for Young Cottontails

Some very young cottontails were brought to the rescue center. After weeks of bottle feeding and special very precise care, one has been released back into the wild with more to come.

Cutest Invader Evah!

In early July a very young Dove arrived at the rescue center. At such a young age, it is difficult to discern what type of dove it is. With time and growth, it became apparent the Dove was a “Ring Neck” which is not a native species but an invasive species. Non Native critters can negatively affect the well being of native species. We are not permitted to release non-native wildlife.

Fortunately, this invasive species dove has found a forever home.

Let Them Be Roadrunners!

00:00 Day 1: May 10th, 2021 Three baby Roadrunners arrive
03:06 Another Feeding
04:58 Day 2: Feeding
06:51 Another Feeding
08:50 Day 3 Feeding
10:44 Another Feeding
13:45 Day 4 Feeding
15:24 Day 9 May 18th Roadrunners out in chamber
17:29 Day 14 May 23 Feeding in weathering yard
20:33 Day 16 May 25th Roadrunners begin feeding themselves
26:35 Day 20 May 29 Roadrunners show signs of independence
29:56 Day 26 June 4 Checking in
37:29 Day 31 June 9 Roadrunners given live crickets
42:50 Day 41 June 19 Roadrunners tucked into bed
46:30 Day 42 June 20 Roadrunners released back into the wild

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