Six Barns Owls Raised and Released

A whole lot of hungry Barn Owls!

Mukbang With Kate the Peregrine Falcon

Kate enjoying a quail while sitting outside with Martin and Susan and putting up with Cody.

When Martin Almost Crashed His Cessna | Storytime With Kate

Martin tells a story from long, long ago and forces Kate the Peregrine Falcon to listen.

Small Young Golden Eagle Injured Near Highway

A young small male Golden Eagle was found near a highway. Martin examined the eagle and diagnosed he was most likely affected by a concussion. After some time at the rehab center, this young eagle made a full recovery.

Two Squirrels Released Back to the Wild

Susan and Martin cared for two young squirrels that needed a little help. Both squirrels recovered and have been released back to the wild where they belong.

Shoes For Eagles

Martin discusses his occasional use of “Eagle Shoes”. Though not too often, over the years, when an eagle’s feet are not working properly, he gives custom made “shoes” a try to hold the feet in a more natural position and assist with healing.

Time With Kate the Peregrine Falcon

An update on how Kate the Peregrine Falcon is doing. Martin is spending a lot of time with her and it will still be quite some time before he knows her future — she may stay, she may go – it all depends on her. Either way, Martin will continue to evaluate what is best for her future.

To learn more about Kate, you can check out her playlist here.

Peregrine Falcon Kate | Day 2

Peregrine Falcon Kate arrived in mid-March. She is the older sister of Helen the Peregrine Falcon. Kate is 6 years old and for the most part, even though from a breeder, very wild. Her history is not completely known, and Martin will be spending a lot of time to get to know her.

This video, even over 45 minutes long, contains only a fraction of the time Martin spent during her first full day with him.

For all the videos about Kate, you can visit her YouTube Playlist here.

The Peregrine Family

Back on march 4th, Martin got word that a local breeder may need help caring for his birds. This was the same breeder where Helen the Peregrine Falcon came from.
On March 13th, Martin scooped up three Peregrine Falcons. Two were a breeder pair, and one was a younger female.
All were settled into chambers at our rescue center as more details were learned and homes were sought out.
Martin learned later that the original owner of the pair would care for them again. So he arranged to transport them to a new home.
Martin also learned that the other female was actually Helen’s Big Sister. Her future is still uncertain, but she will be under Martin’s care as long as needed.
Much more about Helen’s Big Sis coming up!

00:00 – 01:02 Intro with Helen about other birds
01:02 – 02:53 Bringing her parents to a chamber
02:53 – 06:23 Taking the female out of the kennel
06:23 – 09:06 Taking the male out the kennel
09:06 – 10:34 Update about the pair’s new home
10:34 – 20:09 Taking the younger female from the kennel
20:09 – 20:33 Update about her identity
20:33 – 23:07 Hanging out with Big Sis

The Naming of the Shrew

The Mystery Named!

Name Suggestions for the new Peregrine Falcon that may or may not be staying

  1. Inherited Stitches:​ Striker Striker
  2. Volunteer Critter Webgeek: Striker
  3. LadyFigment:​”Ella”
  4. Andy Fila:​Jackie
  5. Jacob Moriancumer:​Valkyrie
  6. landline51:​Liberty
  8. Michelle McCullough:​Harmony
  9. Karen Baer:​Nova
  10. Jokers Harley: Aviette, Nova, Aurora, Rory
  11. Crickdog: Millie
  12. Ree Ree:​Nova
  13. mooonie:​Nova, Aurora, Gloria
  14. Paul Spadafore:​Aurora, Helena
  15. Shawn Gordon:​Phoenix, Ashley
  16. Jenica Steinbach:​Nova
  17. Tamara Gonzalez:​Betty, Fleta
  18. Hamiton Art:​Molly
  19. lisa owen-nielson:​Delilah
  20. Pogostix:​Elation, Swift, Freedom, Liberty
  21. George C. Murphy:​Olga
  22. Debra Levesque:​Freedom
  23. mary stohr:​Freedom
  24. Shadowkyne:​Grace
  25. Ms Micia:​Nova, Cinderella, Ella
  26. Soccertz1:​Nova
  27. Pie Peeya: Pera, Mary
  28. Gael: thunder
  29. Sky Night District:​lasko
  30. Katerina S.: Lilly
  31. JJ Faris:​Millie
  32. The Life Of A Hermit:​Tayla
  33. Tabatha Hagan:​Glory
  34. Kat N Hat:​Milly
  35. Crafty Dragon: Freya
  36. Ernie H:​Fiona
  37. lisa owen-nielson:​Bratt
  38. Luffy: Vivi, Nami
  39. Sigita T:​Nova
  40. Gillian Nomis: Sheba
  41. tschouten1:​sissy
  42. The Life Of A Hermit: Mercy, Talia, Tayla
  43. Doxxy Lover: Sadie, Beauty
  44. Andi from Oly: Chance
  45. Deja Vue: Chance
  46. Ravens Brood: Ford
  47. Sunny Quaker: Hope
  48. Samtheman: Esther
  49. Nancy B.: Susan
  50. eitv3tv: Cly
  51. MsKechara: Angelica
  52. Recumbent Vagabond: Adonis
  53. Moelocomoe: Rapunzel
  54. ShadowofSteel: Chance, Opportunity
  55. virus the wolf: Horas, Isis
  56. David T: perils of Pauline the predatory peregrine
  57. Robin Bunner: Anne, Annie
  58. David Broach: Eliza
  59. Isabell Rogalzeck: Annie
  60. Annie Oakslee: Cheyenne
  61. Kat Wilton: Athena
  62. Jenna D: Hope
  63. Kathy Bruce: Peri
  64. MICHELLE H: Hope
  65. lelue: Artemis, Diana
  66. Starlite7: Ruth, Brownie
  67. A Remedy Project: Margaret
  68. Donna Mattoon: Barbara, Babs
  69. Heidi Barons: Artemis
  70. Ellen Riemann: Aleacha
  71. Deborah: Hazel
  72. Pamela Layman: Gabby
  73. June Allen: Aphrodite
  74. Beth Maccaferri: Athena
  75. Karen McCaslin: Phoebe
  76. Deb in the wheelchair: Joni
  77. Leigh Ann: Pearl
  78. June Francis: hope
  79. Sparkling Diva1111: Gloria, Glory
  80. Kay Elle E: Billie Sue
  81. Priscilla Salzberg: Alone no more, don’t touch me, Futura
  82. Gundi Ruedenauer: Sissy
  83. AWK60: Me-rye-a
  84. Jennifer: Athena
  85. Tracey T: Mildred
  86. Shira Israel-Levin: Patricia, Aurora
  87. A Mel: Grey Lady, Beauty

Golden Eagle With Injured Talons Recovers

Susan and Martin were called out about a Golden Eagle on the ground. Martin captured the eagle and noticed some minor problems with the eagle’s talons. After just a couple weeks of rest and lots of food, the eagle was fully recovered. Quickly healthy, this eagle moved around a lot in the chamber and Martin feared the eagle may injure himself. The eagle had to be returned to the wild as soon as possible, so we were not able to get video of the release.

Baby Cottontail Rabbit Raised | Road Trip to Release

After handraising a young cottontail, Susan and Martin take it down south a bit to warmer weather for release back to the wild.

00:00 – 08:35 Feb 6: Feeding
08:35 – 10:45 Feb 10: Feeding
10:45 – 14:25 Feb 13: Feeding
14:25 – 17:21 Feb 20: On the road south
17:21 – 22:27 Tour of Ghost Town
22:27 – 23:42 Back on the road to find less crowded place for release
23:42 – 27:30 Cottontail released

The Superb Owl Quick Off!

Susan and Martin were called out to check on a small owl. The little owl got stuck in a pigeon coop. Otherwise healthy, the owl was a quick quick release back to the wild with no need to even head back to the rescue center at all.

Baby Bunny and Boxes

Baby season has come early. Susan and Martin adjust to frequent night feedings.

Video Timesptamps

00:00 – 00:36 Cody makes wake-up call
00:36 – 02:16 Getting set up for feeding
02:16 – 06:50 Feeding Baby Rabbit
06:50 – 07:30 Unboxing begins
07:30 – 07:46 Contractor bag
07:46 – 07:58 Box of Paper Towels
07:58 – 09:03 Nutra-stat
09:03 – 11:25 Homemade gifts from Germany
11:25 – 12:25 Scalex
12:25 – 12:49 Medical supplies
12:49 – 13:38 Wildlife Greeting Cards
13:38 – 14:13 Wild bird seed
14:13 – 15:29 Conclusion

Sharp-shinned hawk stops by

Martin tends to a visitor at the rescue center. Sometimes the space and food provided for injured wildlife attracts uninjured wildlife stopping by.

Old Red Eyes | Grebes Rescues 2022

Starting off 2022 with three releases of Red Eyed Grebes! Susan and Martin road trip with the Red Eyes down to Quail Creek to release them into the water. Grebes need water for take off to continue their migration.

View playlist of all Grebe Rescues

00:00 – 02:46 Drive to Quail Creek
02:46 – 03:45 At the Park
03:45 – 5:52 About these Grebes
05:52 – 09:33 Release Grebes
09:33 – 10:38 Out for another Grebe
10:38 – 11:03 Back at Quail Creek
11:03 – 14:48 Release Grebe

Backyard Birds, Scenic Drive, Unboxings

We hope you are enjoying your Holiday Season and getting some time off to enjoy with friends, family and critters! And when you need a break from all that, here’s a long video to spend some time chilling with Susan and Martin.

Thank you for your interest, kindness and support! We are very grateful!

We wish you and yours warmest Seasons Greetings and New Year!

00:00 – 04:35 Nov 14: Little Birds in the Backyard
04:35 – 41:30 Oct 3rd: Drive back home after Vulture release
41:30 – 57:43 Nov 21: Unboxing
57:43 – 1:14:00 Dec 12: Unboxing

Birthdays are for the birds | 166 years of Martin!

00:00 – 02:30 Birthday Intro
02:30 – 04:36 An Early Gift
04:36 – 11:47 Excerpts from an outdoor presentation with Scout the Golden Eagle
11:47 – 14:52 Picking up a hawk
14:52 – 16:10 Brief hawk moments
16:10 – 30:51 Release of three Swainsons Hawks

Happy Birthday Martin!

Please join us in celebrating 166 years of Martin!

Since age twelve, with a bird on his arm, Martin has captivated audiences sharing his knowledge and experience of his wildlife friends.

At age nineteen, Martin was hired as curator of birds of prey at Busch Gardens, CA. He also worked in the movie and television industry training big cats, elephants, primates, sea mammals and raptors.

“One of my greatest childhood fantasies was the desire to create a personal friendship with a wild eagle. I found myself with a love and fascination for these powerful creatures.”

Martin Tyner is a federally licensed falconer, eagle falconer, wildlife rehabilitator, wildlife propagator, and wildlife and environmental educator.

He has been providing wildlife and environmental programs throughout the western United States, to schools, scouts and community groups for over fifty years.

And it is all about the critters!

It’s December! The birth month of our founders, Susan and Martin Tyner. As always, their birthday list is all about the critters.

There is one item on their list this year, another shed. This one for the new Enoch Property.

Martin has chosen one by Cumberland which is locally built and delivered. It will be the same size as our other one, 10 x 16 with high walls and wide doors.

As we continue to build up the new Enoch Property, the shed will serve as a place to store materials and tools.

One of our first projects, before our big chamber is built, is about irrigation and planting trees in order to create shade for the critters.

So we’ve set our Birthday Funding Goal at $10,000 to cover the shed and various prep type expenses.

Please click here if you’d like to donate

How can you not love a face like that?

Turkey Vulture Release

November 2021: Susan and Martin release a Turkey Vulture back to the wild. This vulture had soft tissue damage to a wing. Flew off fine! We hope he’s doing great back in the wild!

Red Tail Hawk Shows Off After Released Back to the Wild

Susan and Martin released a Red Tail Hawk back the wild. The hawk had feet injuries caused by squirrels.

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