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Like every small non-profit organization the Southwest Wildlife Foundation for the last 6 months has been going through some significant growing pains and we truly need everyones help. If youve ever thought that youd like to get involved with a wildlife rescue and wildlife educational outreach program organization we could really use everyones help.

We currently have a need to fill positions on our board of directors. The purpose for the board of directors is to help guide the Foundation into the future while maintaining the integrity of the Founders vision to care for the sick, injured and orphaned wildlife that call southern Utah home and to support and maintain our wildlife educational outreach programs. To help in the development of the Cedar Canyon Nature Park and the development of additional wildlife educational programs.

We also have a need and please pardon the pun: We have a need for Party Animals. The kind of people that love people. People that love to plan events like banquets, art auctions, fun runs, golf tournaments, almost any kind of event that you can think of that could be used to bring awareness to the Southwest Wildlife Foundation and help us raise the badly needed funds for our wildlife rescue and our Cedar Canyon Nature Park.

I would especially appreciate all of our friends outside of the Cedar City area to seriously consider getting involved in helping us plan fundraising events. I think everyone can agree that it will be incredibly difficult to raise the funds necessary for our wildlife rescue and the Cedar Canyon Nature Park in small town Utah. As I tell everyone, Have eagle will travel. If you have the opportunity to plan an event, if you have social contacts with people that you believe could help the Southwest Wildlife Foundation, Scout and I are ready, willing and able to jump in the car drive wherever we need to go, to visit whomever we need to visit, to help promote the SWF and its amazing work. Please feel free to give me a call.

Martin the human perch and Scout the golden eagle.

Postscript from Volunteer Webgeek:

There are all kinds of ways you can help from afar. There are so many skills and talents we could use online:

  • On socials Share, Share, Share! And Like and Comment!
  • An eye for detail We could use proof readers for online and offline writing.
  • Creative Send us ideas!
  • Artistic Design us a new logo, a new site, a catchy banner!
  • Tech skills Editing skills Design skills All would be a big help!
  • Have a favorite channel, celebrity, TV show, business or club that shares an interest in our work Let us know! Help us create more and more contacts!
  • We're always open to ideas and suggestions, contact info:

Amazon Wishlist

There are many many ways you can help us! Please peruse some ideas on our Amazon Wishlist. We're open to items from anywhere, new or used!

Please click here to view our Amazon Wishlist!

Food For Critters

Our supplier for critter food is Rodent Pro. We are almost always in need of:

They also have the the option of gift certificates.

The easiest way to send gift certificates is to call Rodent Pro at: (812) 867-7598. They send them by email, our address is [email protected]

If you would like to assist us in feeding critters, please ship to:

Tyner's Grooming
Attention SWF
491 S. Main Street, Suite 7A
Cedar City, UT 84720

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  3. Type in "Southwest Wildlife" in the field underneath the "Pick your own charitable organization" option.
  4. Hit the search button.
  5. Look for "Southwest Wildlife Foundation Inc" in Cedar City, UT and hit select.
  6. Check the box to confirm you understand to use the "" URL when you shop.
  7. You will see "Supporting: Southwest Wildlife Foundation inc" right under the main search field.
  8. That's it! Now a portion of all your puchases at Amazon will benefit the Southwest Wildlife Foundation.