Classroom Wildlife Presentations

The Southwest Wildlife Foundation provides highly educational and entertaining birds of prey programs and field excursions.

Since the age of 12, with a bird on his arm, Martin Tyner has been educating and advocating for wildlife critters. Founder of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation,he is a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator, educator, propagator, and master falconer with over 50 years of experience.

Martin and our three Wildlife Ambassadors, Helen the Peregrine Falcon, Belle the Harris Hawk and Scout the Golden Eagle travel throughout the Southwest for live in person Wildlife Educational Presentations.

They are also available via livestream for personal events throughout the world.

Each presentation is unique, catered to the size, age, interests or questions of each group. Drawing from a lifetime working with critters, Martin shares stories from his personal experiences.

In Person Presentations

Have Birds Will Travel!

Martin and his birds travel throughout the Southwest to many different types of venues including classroom, auditoriums, libraries, parks and offices.

recommended for ages 10 and up

  • Martin's program features Helen the Peregrine Falcon, Belle the Harris Hawk and Scout the Golden Eagle.
  • The program includes a power point slide show with beautiful photographs taken by Martin of a great variety of birds of prey found throughout the western United States.
  • He teaches the differences between hawks, falcons, eagles, vultures and owls through fun stories he tells as the slides are shown.
  • After the slide show Martin brings out his live birds, one by one, saving the Eagle for last. He will tell more stories of wildlife rehabilitation and answer questions during this time. Do birds have a sense of smell? How good is their eye sight? How fast can they fly? How does he train them? And many more questions!

Livestream Presentations

Have Birds Will Stream!

Martin, his work, his birds, his dog, and his wife have become YouTube stars! We host a channel with over 125,000 subscribers and over 25 million views.

Via YouTube and Ecamm we are able to host personal interactive livestream by invitation only. This can include not only your classroom or event venue, but your broader community via a private YouTube link.

  • Martin's livestreams are offered globally.
  • We will assist with technical issues.
  • Desktop computers, microphone and headsets required.
  • We are based in Utah and will do our best to accommodate time differences.
  • We can only offer programs in english. We are happy to work with interpreters.

Schedule Event

Contact Martin at (435) 586-4693 or [email protected]

Schedule Livestream

Contact Martin at (435) 586-4693 or [email protected]