Critters First

Founded in 1997 in Cedar City Utah, we are a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and education.

For over twenty years we've been working hard to realize our mission. As years pass and our support increases in number and broadens in exposure, we are more and more committed to "Critters First".

  • 1997: Founded
  • 2000: Property Donation
  • 2003: Walking & Bicycle Trail
  • 2011: Started YouTube Channel
  • 2012: Pedestrian Bridge Added
  • 2014: Video Publication
  • 2017: First Short Movie, Restroom Facility Completed
  • 2018: Martin 50 years honor
  • 2019: Flight Chamber Intro, Wildlife Triage Facility, Viral Video, Indianapolis Prize Nomination
  • 2020: A Subaru built for eagles, YouTube Creator Award
  • 2021: Lease with City of Enoch

August 1997

The day the Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah was founded in Cedar City, Utah. We became a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and education.

September 2000

Rocky Mountain Power/PacifiCorp donated 22.6 acres of majestic canyon property in Cedar City, Utah to create a permanent wildlife rescue facility and nature park.

May 2003

Paved walking and bicycle trail was built through this property with matching funds from Utah Division of Parks and Recreation and Cedar City, connecting the 23-acre nature park to the city’s existing trail system.

July 2011

Started our YouTube Channel. First video, feeding baby falcons.

November 2012

Installed 96 foot long pedestrian bridge crossing Coal Creek connecting the Cedar Canyon Nature Park trailhead to the existing trail system.

March 2014

Our first video with high view count: Feeding Critically Ill Bald Eagle

April 2017

Our first short film which has surpassed two million views: The Bald Eagle That Would Not Quit

September 2017

Information Destination and ADA Restroom Facility was completed.

March 2018

Martin honored for 50 years of critter care at the State Senate.

February 2019

Eagle Flight Chamber concept introduced, raising of funds began.

May 2019

Wildlife Triage Facility Installed.

October 2019

Our first viral video, currently over 13 million views: Eagle Found Lifeless but still Breathing

October 2019

Martin was nominated for the Indianapolis Prize.

January 2020

Fully funded by our supporters, we purchased a new Subaru Forrester. Our sponsor, Findlay Subaru of St. George delivered our Forrester fully loaded at a rock bottom price.

October 2020

We surpassed 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Scout the Golden Eagle was awarded the Silver Creator Award which hangs in his chamber.

June 2021

Signed 100 year lease with the city of Enoch. Annual fee, one dollar. Over an acre for the World Class Eagle Rescue Facility.