A Rescued and Saved Eagle Story for Save the Eagles Day!

It’s Save the Eagles Day and we’re thrilled to share the story of a saved bald eagle! A large, but immature bald eagle came into our rescue center last week. Its legs were paralyzed and it was suffering from severe tremors. All signs of poisoning.

Lead poisoning is fairly common in this area as people go out to target shoot at Jack Rabbits and they leave the carcasses behind. The eagles, vultures and large hawks find the carcasses and consume them. The lead pellets in the carcasses start to slowly poison the birds. As in most cases by the time the symptoms become severe and they can no long fly or stand, if found, that’s when they come to us.

After a week of fluids, medications and food we have flushed the toxins from the eagle’s body. She is now regaining her strength and scrappy disposition. She now stand, walk and fly the full length of our 40 foot rehab chamber. If she continues to improve, she will be ready for release within the next couple of weeks.

Earlier video of this eagle: