Prayers on the Wings of an Eagle for T1D

A young eagle just learning to fly the end of June became separated from his parents. Unable to feed himself, and with the oppressive summer heat he was on the verge of death. After intensive care, fluids and feedings by Martin Tyner, rehabilitator and founder of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation, the young eagle regained its strength and took his place back in the sky.
Saturday Evening August 8th, with family and friends gathered at the top of a mountain overlooking Cedar City Utah, Josh Terry released this eagle in memory of his daughter Kycie Jai Terry and to help raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes which took her young life.
This little girl captured the hearts of many Southern Utahans? and people around the world when her undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes led to a brain injury in January. Her subsequent 111-day stay at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City raised awareness about the dangers of undiagnosed juvenile diabetes as support for the Terry family grew through the Kisses for Kycie campaign. She died at home Saturday morning, July 11th in the arms of her father.

Terry Family with golden eagle just before release

There is a common belief among many native people, that if you say your prayers with an eagle feather, the eagle feather will carry your prayers to God. An eagle has over seven thousand feathers. When we have an eagle ready for release, we will frequently seek out individuals or organizations that could use some extra prayers and allow them to release the eagle.
The Southwest Wildlife Foundation has two more young eagles at their rescue center that will also be released in the next few weeks.