Founders Birthdays Fundraiser 2021!

G O A L!!! and then some!

We hit: $11509.50

Thank YOU!

We have hit our fundraising goal! And then some!

Please join Susan, Martin, Helen the Peregrine Falcon and Cody the Frisbee Ambassador on Thursday, December 16th at 5pm Utah time on Susan's Birthday for a BIG THANK YOU Livestream!

And it is all about the critters!

It's December! The birth month of our founders, Susan and Martin Tyner. As always, their birthday list is all about the critters.

There is one item on their list this year, another shed. This one for the new Enoch Property.

Martin has chosen one by Cumberland which is locally built and delivered. It will be the same size as our other one, 10 x 16 with high walls and wide doors.

As we continue to build up the new Enoch Property, the shed will serve as a place to store materials and tools.

One of our first projects, before our big chamber is built, is about irrigation and planting trees in order to create shade for the critters.

You are welcome to contact us at [email protected]

Many Many thanks for all your interest and support, we are very grateful for all the people helping us help critters!


Site: $9602.50 | YouTube: $1272.00 | Facebook: $335.00 | Checks: $300.00

Gifts from:

  • Mary H
  • Kurt G
  • David H
  • Jessica S
  • Denise D
  • Frances D
  • Michele C
  • Margaret T
  • R neal H
  • Monica E
  • Daneane G
  • Hardik S
  • Audrey H
  • Randall C
  • Carol S
  • Ellen W
  • Dianna K
  • Richard G
  • Sandra L
  • Jane E
  • Anna K
  • Bonnie B
  • Mrs. arnel M
  • Jenny M
  • Heather C
  • Patricia D
  • Nancy H
  • Susan W
  • Ann L
  • Gail S
  • Teressa M
  • Tracy H
  • Carol A
  • Wendy K
  • Jonnene d M
  • Karen M
  • Marion magdalena V
  • Gregory A
  • Rebecca C
  • Susan W
  • Patrick R
  • Mary p. H
  • Joseph W
  • Betty K
  • Phoebe P
  • Linda B
  • Cynthia B
  • Tamas M
  • William D
  • Marian T
  • Andrew L
  • James F
  • Chris J
  • Richard M
  • Leanna L
  • Brian G
  • Kathleen G
  • Jamie D
  • Maria W
  • Sydney P
  • Kim H
  • Julie W
  • Virginia V
  • Patricia D
  • Mr g d p W
  • Barbara T
  • Danielle H
  • Peg H
  • Paulette T
  • John S
  • Gilbert L
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