Southwest Wildlife
Foundation, Utah

The Southwest Wildlife Foundation is dedicated to
wildlife rescue, wildlife & environmental education.


The SWF cares for more than 50 sick, injured & orphaned native wildlife each year. Restoring them to health and returning them to the wild is our primary goal but for those that cannot be released due to disabilities, the Nature Center can provide them with a permanent home in a natural setting while enhancing your educational experience when visiting the park.

     With its focus on wildlife and environmental education, the SWF  provides approximately 100 programs, reaching over 30, 000 people annually.

The Southwest Wildlife Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public organization, to provide wildlife rehabilitation and to promote wildlife education in Southwestern Utah, based in the Cedar City area.

Mission Statement "The Southwest Wildlife Foundation is dedicated to wildlife rescue, wildlife and environmental education."

Healer of Angels is a heartwarming collection
of true stories of a young boy overcoming life's challenges
and disabilities with the guidance of wise grandparents and other mentors.
This process leads to a life dedicated to the
 rescue, healing and release of the wild creatures
 of the desert southwest. Some of the stories
 are humorous and some bittersweet, but each will
inspire, teaching a lesson as it touches
the readers' heart.

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